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'The beauty enricher'

Design & Technology major work. 


For my major work in design and technology, I undertook the construction of an innovative partition, the word “partition” is a name for thin interior door divider but what i have created is something quite different, my goal was to create a beautifully adorned folding screen that will consist of three hinged panels, with hanging hooks and a shelf with a mirror, accompanied with a range of silk eco friendly night wear, individually designed, and naturally hand dyed with native flora. The night wear collection is made from sustainable, breathable, lush fabrics of satin silks, catering for comfort and pleasure to a wide range of body types. 

My Major design project has been constructed in the textile studio which modelled on an industrial setting with large cutting tables industrial machines and mannequins.
The pattern making process was parallel to what would have been done in a sample studio.
I learnt how to cut on the bias, how to use quarter body measurements, refine fit in relation to the pattern and to make my own patterns from scratch.
I used equipment of industry standard. Learning new stitches, new techniques, and French seams.
My final products present these technical details, My designs show my ambitions, inspirations and my goal towards a future in eco fashion. 

'Warrior Between World's' 

Visual Design Major Work. 2018 

Warrior between worlds is a complete outfit that has emerged out of my idealistic imagination. 

It’s more than an outfit, its a mystical creation that has come to life. She’s a immortal warrior caught between worlds, the heavenly underworld and planet earth. 

This piece depicts my views on our society, the human race and where it’s heading. 

Ive created a physical 3D art piece. The concepts around it are very personal and hold deep emotion meaning. The story behind this piece holds great significance 

she’s a treasure from the edge of time. No one believed she existed, but the time has come, the world has called for her help. Our planet is under a serious environmental massacre. She’s been tenderly holding mother earths heart. She feels her pain. 

Gods immortal warrior, eternal fighter and protector of the human race. 

She holds characteristics of many diverse cultures throughout history. I’ve always felt this piece embodies parts of all the frames from within the art and design world

It has a Postmodern touch with my use of symbols, I feel as though I’m appropriating iconic royal attire and re-contextualising it to fit my aesthetics. For example the cross on the head piece represents the crucifixion of old ways. 

This piece is structured and holds formal elements and principles of design. such as the rule of form and the method of assemblage used and the types of materials I’ve worked with. 

The use of visual codes and conventions to convey meaning. 

But most of all my individual project is subjective its expressing personal beliefs and my response to our planets state. As a designer I feel my work subconsciously communicates life experiences that have shaped me on my design journey,  I’ve found inspiration from sophisticated sources such as the old masters. for example my trip to Europe three years ago, I visited a wide rang of museums and galleries throughout Europe.

Having the pleasure of viewing and absorbing artists and designers such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Shiele, Michael Angelo, Botachelli etc. 

I also visited fashion & jewellery museums which id say subconsciously influenced some of my choices when it came to this piece. 

i feel as though as a designer in todays world I have a duty to use my talent to spread awareness about relevant issues in todays society. 

My audience can walk around the piece viewing it from all angles and hopefully are grasping the concept from all angles as well. The value of my design lies not just in its appearance or function but also in it’s conceptual meaning. 

One thing I’ve really improved on during this process is my sewing skills and my personal aesthetic style. 

'Toxic ticking time bomb'

Visual art major work, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 7.54.30 pm.png

Toxic ticking time bomb, 2018 


Dear reader, 

I am an artist expressing my concerns and fear for the future on planet earth. I believe there is hope in face of change. Which is why I feel as an artist in todays society its my duty to confront relevant issues through my art.  

I have always found art a contemporary mode of communicating a perfect way to visually depict my views on the world.


My body of work, ’Toxic ticking time bomb’ is my vision of the human race coming to our own ruins and bringing the animal race with us. The puddles represent the human & animal race drowning in man made toxic matter. I believe Nature will grow through the ashes of humanity and continue after were gone. Has our evolution come to a halt in the face of planetary change? Or will we just move onto the next inhabitable planet and leave this one to its inevitable fate? Or are we going to use our evolved technology and power to reverse this terrible fate?

“Toxic ticking time bomb” revolves around my concerns toward global warming, ocean levels rising, oil mining, de-forestation and animal extinction. This world we know as home is undergoing serious environmental massacre and has been overtaken by our waste and polluting matter, due to our ignorant approach. Humanity has turned a blind eye to these issues. We need to wear our hearts on our shoulders, have compassion for mother earth and all who dwell here. 

 This artwork represents my subjective response to what's happening all around us. Open your eyes and take action before it’s too late!


Film & photography major work 


'Ying and yang'


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