Today is a new day

Today is a new chapter of my book and every day is a new page, yet my writing is moldable, changeable and ever unknown.

I will take the time to have a quiet moment with my self to take a break from the busy, bustling life.

When life gets too much, just remember this is temporary, all is well, everything is happening for a reason.

The hard moments can somethings be the most valuable for personal growth.

Imagine your self a flower, the sunny days feel good on your leaves, but if it stays sunny forever, you will whither... you need the rain to nourish your roots and to clean off yesterdays dust.

Beautiful little mistakes, It is okay to trip on your path, it helps to accept then move on.

The hard times help remind us what's good and pure.

A question just dawned on me, "are these the happiest days of our lives?" some people tell me this, but why can't they continue forever? After all, it is up to us, people don't realise how much control we have over our fate.

Yes, today is a new day but is it really new if you stay stuck in an unhealthy mindstate.