Road to reflection, digesting life

Today I am grateful to be alive, everything has fallen entirely in place, it's a beautiful day and It feels good to exist, merely co-existing as a bystander as the world goes by.

The strange and beautiful world it is.

I am continually observing, reflecting, appreciating the world around me, I often dwell in the past, present and future, digesting all that is.

Acceptance is my new motto, when you wish and hope for something it will eventually manifest into real, accepting each stumble or fall in life helps nurture your hope.

I look at all the faces, so many people caught up in the wheel of life, I wonder what their reality looks like, do they have love? A family? Happiness? A purpose? Or are they just floating through this world as a bystander?

How'd I get so lucky? Why me?

Is it because i had my fair share of pain, heartbreak, depression, illness, and all the other dark elements of life.

Is it because I paid my debts in my past lives or is it good karma.. whatever it is thank you, I know it is beyond my comprehension all I can do is be grateful and accept this reality.