Born into this world without a choice

Born into this world without a choice, some people would even say forced. But why have we been Reincarnated into a manicure human why not a butterfly? To live a simply life. We’re Placed here to grow, expand and to learn what we hadn’t in the last life. To carry out a task, to do our part. Big cheeks, button nose and wide eyes. Absorbing all that is. Oh little one what your life has in store, hundreds of steps, heart brakes, love and pain.. the bitter sweet pain that forces us to grow. To become larger than the sum of its parts. Why are we really here? What’s your purpose? To help the planet from its fate.. or to simply make more babies? Who really knows, Do you? Does the so called god know, he should if he’s the cause of all this. But no that’s just another comforting ideal that god has the answer. Maybe pray and you’ll find it, pray for help within instead of without. The answer is hidden in your bones. But first you have to learn to listen, it’s never that easy. There’s many things you must learn little one. First it’s to open your eyes, then to walk then to talk, whats next.. you have t

o learn what makes us tick, the words the verbs and numbers. We distill our former knowledge of a past life onto the next. Call it ‘the way’ But who really knows, it’s all made up anyway, why can’t you make up what’s next or can you? Who’s telling you different. Always question young one.. there’s no right or wrong when it comes to happiness. There’s the essential lesions which are the most important. - be kind - Don’t do what you wouldn’t want done to you. - Love the ones that love you. - Respect boundaries - Respect self - Cherish the planet for it is your home - Appreciate life for it Is here for you. Does everyone question their existence? Does everyone wonder what, why and how? Or is it just me.. I wonder how many times each person asks themselves this question ‘is it just me’..