The inner journey.

The inner journey.

Remember being a child? The sweet innocence, The pure intent, the free behaviour.

One thing I remember well was the experience of traveling to different homes and environments. My parents would up root my life from the place I called home and replace it with a new environment

When I would discover my new home it was the most daunting, thrilling, adventures yet.

New gardens to explore, new walls to cover, new floors to roll around on, everything was new.

This is a type of travel. Moving from one home to another.

Settling into an atmosphere of your own.

I remember the first place we lived in was a blue Queenslander on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the ocean was always a place of exploration and adventure. The winds of time swirl through me, Every time I visit.

There are many memories in our subconscious that make up who we are. As a child we travel through this world with ease following the person leading the way. We absorb everything that surrounds us. Places and people teach us ancient secrets of civilisation.

Generations after generation constantly evolving and progressing due to the instinctual urge for freedom and change.

We only know what we know until someone knows better.