Every door leads to another reality

Every door leads to another reality.

Seat 6A, the man in the pink shirt, hair all combed neatly. He is the centre of his universe, everyone else is just a unimportant actor to him, he’s off to a big work meeting that could possibly change the course of his life forever, he can finally fill all his materialistic needs, his idea of happiness.

But to the woman next to him, smelling his ego through the cologne he wears. Her reality is completely different, she’s a 59 year old widow who has accumulated four adopted kids to fill the void inside, She’s incredibly anxious and lonely, as soon as she gets off this plane she’ll pull that last cigarette out of her $40 dollar packet, to have one moment of relief.

Seat 7B, he has red hair and drives a ford, he’s holding his newly born child, its a good day for phill. His wife and him and traveling on their first family vacation, for his baby and him to have the pleasure of touching snow for the first time, Staying in one town your whole life can get a bit dull.

Were flying thousands of feet in the air soaring through the soft clouds, overlooking all the people with their dwellings underneath. To me in this moment I can only feel what being inside this body feels like, what playing this life feels like, I only know what i’ve been taught, everyone only knows what they have been taught, there’s no ‘right’or‘wrong’way of living.

I perceive the world and all its matter completely different to every other person on this flight. Would the plane look the same in the eyes of 6A? Would things feel the same?

Seat CBA, he was lucky enough to get two empty seats; I wander if someone had sat next to him if it would have changed the course of his life? Where is he off? To watch the foot ball game perhaps, his buddies and him all flew up for an escape from the wives, he often wonders why he’s never content, always looks for something out of his reach. Everything he was taught was a superstitious lie, built from fake ideals, never seeing through the thick layers of illusions placed in front of him by society, his parents told him “work hard, life will pay off”He didn't think for a second that there’s no path to happiness, happiness is simply the path, people get so caught up in living in the future, looking forward to something better while time is literally flying by, There is no better time than the present. Everyone is consumed by new technology and who has the better life, that they have forgotten to live theirs, its a sad world really, greed has poisoned men’s souls.

Seat 7C, a white headed woman, appears to be 89, in order for her to get on this flight she had to over come her fear of flying, this is her first time. She's come to New Zealand to see her only child for the last time, she has cancer and will be leaving us soon, she's come to say goodbye to her darling daughter.

Life after death, one moment their here present with us, we can touch their skin its real, the next moment the skin and bone is what’s left behind. No one knows what happens to their soul, memories, experiences. Where does it all go? Does it simply vanish into thin air? Or maybe goes into the body of a newly born lamb? Reincarnated, a continual circle of life.

Our lives could end at any given moment, it’s a fragile system. Everyone on this plane leads completely different lives, not conscious of what the person next to them is going through, everyone’s so deeply self involved that we've forgotten, we are all humans trying to be happy, feel good, trying to live life to the fullest! We are all one and the same, why do we segregate into groups? Rich, poor, gay, straight, normal, weird.

We need to unite, come together and fix what we have broken, our friendship with one another, we have become sour and introverted with selfishness.

The one thing we have in common is the earth, we all want our earth, our home to be healthy and plentiful, we need to fix what our industrial needs have broken, humans are clever, the intentions of this industrial world cries out for the goodness in men, our earth is crying out for the universal brotherhood of us all, if we put our heads together we can accomplish anything! In the name of hope let us all unite.