exploration of reincarnation

Exploration of reincarnation


Is reincarnation fantasy or reality?

Within this report I will be exploring the philosophy of reincarnation. I want to explore the evidence and the stories of people who believe they have been reincarnated: the question I’m asking is “Could reincarnation be a possibility?”.

My personal belief is that I have been reincarnated; when I was seven, my grandmother put me into a hypnotic state, similar to a dream state, and in this state I transferred into another body. I was standing alone in a cornfield, I looked down and saw my hands, they were large and worn out, with blisters and wrinkles. I looked at my clothes - I was wearing worker overalls, with farm boots. I observed my surroundings; there was a shed in the distance. This is all I can recall from that experience, but ever since I have believed in the idea when we die our body goes into another form, I cant grasp the concept that our soul disappears into thin air or worse dies with the body. I understand peoples’ skepticism in the concept, and I will be researching beliefs and evidence so I can fully understand the possibility of reincarnation.

“I believe that the concepts of karma and reincarnation are the most important concepts that we can know and understand to discover the meaning of life, to answer imponderable questions, to understand our reason for being.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Reincarnation is “the belief that the soul, upon death of the body, comes back to earth in another body or form - a new version of something from the past” Life after death. “An immortal soul that participates in frequent incarnations” is a concept many religions embrace: religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism, all of which arose in India. Scientists disagree about this belief, they wont believe in something till there is solid evidence. They want proof.

There is a group of people traveling all over the world to families with children who claim they have lived before, there have been over 2,700 documented cases of children and adults who describe detailed memories of their past lives, and who describe things beyond their intellect, in one case a child could speech a language which they didn't learn. Children have talked about another mother and often have night mares of their past death. In many cases the deaths have been traumatic and stuck with the victim through till the next life. The documentary called “Real Stories” contains interviews with these kinds of children, and I found it enlightening. One of the strongest cases is a young boy in India named Titu Singh, who believed he was a reincarnation of a young man, named Suresh Verma, who was murdered in August 1983. The children have physical resemblance and reincarnation birthmarks, birthmarks that are a reflection of the man’s death wounds. This story was broadcast in 1990 on the BBC TV, Titu Singh was two and a half years old when he began to tell his family of his other life in Agra, a city in northern India. His memories were quite specific: he said that he had been the owner of a radio, TV and video shop, his name was Suresh Verma, he had a wife named Uma and two children. He also said that he had been shot, then cremated, and his ashes had been thrown in the river. Repeatedly, Titu would tell his parents that he was homesick and wanted to go back to Agra. Once, he became so insistent about leaving, that he rolled his clothes into a bundle and threatened to leave home. He and his brother left to explore Titu’s claim and when they arrived everything the boy said was there in place. When he spotted his other family, he recognized them immediately. The older brother approached Uma, Titu’s past wife and told her his claims to be her deceased husband’s reincarnation. The woman found this very odd. Uma visited the family to inspect and Titu identified his past children, and Uma confirmed claims and memories he had that further confirmed this story. There are the birthmarks, Suresh had been shot in his right temple one night arriving home from work and he died from the bullet wound, Then they showed Titu’s hair being shaved to reveal a birthmark—”a round, indented shape which coincided exactly with the location of the entry wound of the bullet that killed Suresh Verma. Titu told more details of the murder to an Agra court and was able to “convince the authorities that he was the reincarnation of the murder victim.” The outcome of the case was not given in this account, but N. K. Chadha, a professor at Delhi University who researched the case, was quoted as saying, “Because of the police involvement, this is one of the very best documented cases of seeming reincarnation I have seen.”

To fully understand the concept of reincarnation, I must first examine cases and arguments against reincarnation. I’m looking at the first site that popped up when I searched arguments against reincarnation https://www.allaboutspirituality.org/arguments-against-reincarnation-faq.htm

It says “there is no way to prove that the cases of “past life experiences” are true or simply the developments of an active imagination. But from a strictly logical viewpoint no one has died and come back to life (except our lord).” This statement is coming from a Christian point of view. I disagree considering I’ve been researching and found hundreds of factual cases of people dying then their soul coming back in another form. This site says the bible states "Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment." They say this makes it clear that man only is given one chance. This is the Christian point of view. "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” This roman belief against reincarnation and to these are responses out of manuscripts written centuries ago, there are many objections from nonbelievers. This is understandable, its a large topic that goes against some of the oldest religious texts, but not everything that belongs in our reality was decided centuries ago; new things are discovered every day, maybe I think this is because I’m not religious. But funnily enough the bible did have texts, which spoke of reincarnation. Jesus affirmed the law of karma and reincarnation taught in the Old Testament. Yet the Christian Church—from the Church Fathers all the way to the present leadership—has not acknowledged the record of Jesus' teaching on these subjects but has vehemently denied it.

Population growth. “Reincarnation theory holds that when a person dies, he returns to earth in another body to work out his or her karma. If true, then there should be the same number of people now as before. But population obviously grows. Therefore, reincarnation is not true.” This objection is based on the assumption that everyone who is now on earth has been here before, there are new souls coming to the earth that’s why the population is growing. This argument is taken from “reincarnation refuted- evidence, logic and common sense” “Memories of past lives retrieved under hypnotic regression; spontaneous recall of past lives, particularly among children; the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson - he’s proven that reincarnation happens; the writings of people like Allan Kardec and Helen Blavatsky, the Edgar Cayce readings; communications from the other side; channeled writings, and so on, not to mention a host of distinguished philosophers who have professed a belief in reincarnation. In fact, three quarters of the world believe in it.”

“You do realise,” I said, “belief is not synonymous with fact and, in any case, belief in reincarnation throughout most of the world is based on religious conviction not on empirical evidence.”

“Maybe,” he replied, “but so many facts about reincarnation have been accumulated it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

I could go on and on with research but at the end of the day everyone will believe something different, beliefs are subjective - we believe what resonates with our past and future hopes. But if reincarnation was a part of our reality, what does that mean for the lives we live? Do we need to act better in order to be reincarnated; is karma a part of the choosing to be reborn? Is it possible that karma and reincarnation exist at the same time? If a person dies in Dharma than there is no birth again and if a person dies in karma than there is rebirth according to them… now, the reincarnation is affected by karma or action. I wonder because that’s all I can do, I personally believe in everything and nothing at the same time, everything’s a possibility because humans have made up right and wrong, and more than that humans have made up all these beliefs systems, reincarnation is a comforting thought and a positive belief, because if we were to act for the good always in the hope of reincarnation, humanity would be doing a lot better. In conclusion reincarnation is both fantasy and reality.