15 day bible.

22 .2 .2016, 15 day bible

Don't look and see God, who is this man they all speak of, the all mighty power? Is he just a figment of the weak's imagination? Don't waste brain space thinking about a higher power, the only person that can help you is yourself. Religion's for people who can't see through the thick layer of fear thats in front of reality. You can't be saved, you make your own fate, you're your own person made up of ideas and unique thoughts. You make your afterlife. How can one person make the future for everyone? We make our living life how we want, why not our afterlife? Don't let anyone put their beliefs into your head. Adventure into the unknown and unspoken. No one on this earth has the exact same mind, treasure it. Believe what you believe.

From my diary Page 16 Out of my beliefs

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