5 Oct 2018

Sunset bird. 

Fly away sweet sunset bird, do not return until you hear the inner call of yesterdays song. The leaves shake with the turning seasons. You are free until caught, like a fox flying through a trap. 

 long walks along the never ending path of life, infinite worlds colliding.

Forgive the natural cycles and circles, the spinning wheel of life. 

Believe in the truth the truth will guide your path. 

Fly free sunset bird. 

21 Apr 2018

How does media bias or ownership affect the stories we read or see in our daily lives?

What does bias mean? Prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair. Media bias is a perceived bias which may be altered due to opinion, one-sided information or stories based on one side of the story leaving out a vital part. Media is the strongest source of information and entertainment, what we read...

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