8 Nov 2019

I sometimes have to switch off and tell myself; these negative thoughts don't serve me; the future is bright and beautiful. There is an abundance of possible situations, creating stories that aren't true and don't serve me; I choose to let go of any negativity. I have felt and dealt with this pain before. I choose to think of only positive outcomes. Just breath and think again only this time of the best possible future, daydream...

8 Nov 2019

Today is a new chapter of my book and every day is a new page, yet my writing is moldable, changeable and ever unknown. 

I will take the time to have a quiet moment with my self to take a break from the busy, bustling life. 

When life gets too much, just remember this is temporary, all is well, everything is happening for a reason. 

The hard moments can somethings be the most valuable for personal growth. 

Imagine your self a flower...

8 Nov 2019

Today I am grateful to be alive, everything has fallen entirely in place, it's a beautiful day and It feels good to exist, merely co-existing as a bystander as the world goes by. 

The strange and beautiful world it is. 

I am continually observing, reflecting, appreciating the world around me, I often dwell in the past, present and future, digesting all that is. 

Acceptance is my new motto, when you wish and hope for something it wi...

26 Jul 2019

Designer: Jean Patou, 19/08/1880 - 08/03/1936.

Paris Couture House 

Director : Raymond Barbas

Second Director: Madeleine Patou 

Garment: Dinner jacket

Collection: 1942 winter collection, made from silk, (crepe, satin), wool, metal.

The Krystal Campbell-pretty fashion gift at the NGV was  extraordinary. The collections were displayed amongst a variety of renaissance paintings that permanently hang on the walls. The bafflingly beautiful...

29 Jan 2019

Born into this world without a choice, some people would even say forced. But why have we been Reincarnated into a manicure human why not a butterfly? To live a simply life. We’re Placed here to grow, expand and to learn what we hadn’t in the last life. To carry out a task, to do our part. Big cheeks, button nose and wide eyes. Absorbing all that is. Oh little one what your life has in store, hundreds of steps, heart brakes, lov...

5 Oct 2018

Sunset bird. 

Fly away sweet sunset bird, do not return until you hear the inner call of yesterdays song. The leaves shake with the turning seasons. You are free until caught, like a fox flying through a trap. 

 long walks along the never ending path of life, infinite worlds colliding.

Forgive the natural cycles and circles, the spinning wheel of life. 

Believe in the truth the truth will guide your path. 

Fly free sunset bird. 

5 Oct 2018

The inner journey. 

Remember being a child? The sweet innocence, The pure intent, the free behaviour.

One thing I remember well was the experience of traveling to different homes and environments. My parents would up root my life from the place I called home and replace it with a new environment 

When I would discover my new home it was the most daunting, thrilling, adventures yet. 

New gardens to explore, new walls to cover, new fl...

19 Sep 2018

The barren Nevada Black Rock Desert holds an imaginative land of adventures and mystical creatures.

An adventure of a life time. 

A land of opportunity and inexplicable transformation, when placed in this erratic  environment, possibilities start flowing and so do new strange encounters with others and yourself. 

Taken out of daily life, placed in a mystical and foreign atmosphere filled with moving man made creatures called art ca...

7 Sep 2018

Year 12, English, Oceana Piccone, Speech 

“Which values, beliefs and rights are central to Australian identity?” 

what values are worth keeping and what ones are worth leaving behind. 

I've chosen to analyse the Australian anthem in relation to where we stand as a united society. 

“Australians all let us rejoice,

For we are young and free; We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil; Our home is girt by sea;

Our land abounds in nature’...

8 May 2018

Every door leads to another reality.

Seat 6A, the man in the pink shirt, hair all combed neatly. He is the centre of his universe, everyone else is just a unimportant actor to him, he’s off to a big work meeting that could possibly change the course of his life forever, he can finally fill all his materialistic needs, his idea of happiness. 

But to the woman next to him, smelling his ego through the cologne he wears. Her reality i...

21 Apr 2018

Exploration of reincarnation 


Is reincarnation fantasy or reality?

Within this report I will be exploring the philosophy of reincarnation. I want to explore the evidence and the stories of people who believe they have been reincarnated: the question I’m asking is “Could reincarnation be a possibility?”.

My personal belief is that I have been reincarnated; when I was seven, my grandmother put me into a hypnotic state, simi...

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