Golden creator
Emerging from beneath
Haunted dreams
'Toxic ticking time bomb'
Lucid dreams
Frame of mind.
'Warrior between worlds'
"The end is near" oil on canvas.
upside rightside
Save us.
Mandurah Youth Judging 24 Mar 18 (PRINT)-153
lucid dreaming
dream state
The renascence
Portrait on Quinika Davis

Artist Statement

My body of works visually represents my design journey, my skills and my ambitions for my career. 

My personal relationship with art is complex. Throughout my upbringing, I was surrounded by aesthetic sophisticated art due to my mother's artistic ways.

From an early age, I’ve found art to instinctually flow through me. 

I was always behind when it came to the more academic subjects. I was told I was dyslexic, so I chose the creative route and in some ways the creative path chose me. 

I found art as the perfect way to visually communicate when language fails me. 

Fashion is a contemporary mode of communicating and I’ve always felt strongly that fashion is a way of showing how I feel on the inside by depicting this emotion through the clothing we wear whether its colour or shape. That’s where wearable arts comes into the equation, its slicing and splashing them together, there are no boundaries. 

I refuse to be restricted to one medium or style, I choose to play with them all. As a designer in today's society, we can become or do anything with the resources and technology evolving constantly. I feel it's our moral responsibility to handle these innovations with care, our world in under serious environmental massacre. As the future generation, we must not contribute to these issues. 

I feel as though as a designer in today's world I have a duty to use my talent to spread awareness about relevant issues in today's society. 

The value of my designs lies not just in its appearance or function but also in its conceptual meaning. 

My mission is to be the best version of myself, be the change I want to see in the world, spread love, see the good in everyone and everything.

Live life to it fullest.