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Emerging from beneath
Golden creator
Haunted dreams
'Toxic ticking time bomb'
Lucid dreams
"The end is near" oil on canvas.

Artist Statement

Oceana Pearl Piccone is an Australian Artist & Fashion designer born and raised in Byron Bay. Painting has been her driving force for 18 years, she entered her first art exhibition when she was about 4 and has been involved in the creative arts ever since. 
She finds the creative arts a way of communicating and expressing the inner workings of her mind. “I want my art to inspire others and to communicate an emotive message but most of all I want to share the beauty of art and to spread the fun and laughter it can bring to the world.”
Alongside painting, fashion is her next greatest passion.
Fashion is a contemporary mode of communication. 'I’ve always felt strongly that fashion is a way of showing how I feel on the inside by depicting this emotion through the clothing we wear.'
That’s where wearable arts comes into the equation, it's where the two arts come together, it offers limitless possibilities.
I refuse to be restricted to one medium, style or belief I choose to play with them all.
I feel as a designer in today's world I must use my talent to spread awareness about relevant issues in today's society. 
The value of my designs lies not in their appearance or function but in their conceptual meaning. 
'My mission is to be the best version of myself, be the change I want to see in the world, spread love, see the good in everyone and everything.'
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